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Condenser Water Pumps - Energy Savings over Time

Application Description | Traditional Solution New Standard
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Energy Savings over time
To go beyond simple elimination of the balancing valve and constant flow applications, closed loop control based on condenser entering water temperature feedback will significantly increase energy savings.  This variable speed, variable flow application saves the balancing valve energy loss and will allow the flow to decrease below the Design flow whenever the system load is less than design.  Closed loop control optimizes the pumping capacity to match the system heat rejection load, a great improvement in energy conservation compared to 2-speed tower fan motors or tower bypass valves.

To calculate the potential savings over time, the actual load over time profile must be known.  The load profile indicates the amount of flow the system requires to satisfy its loads during a typical day, or time period under study. The diagram below shows a typical load profile of an HVAC system. This profile will vary depending on the specific needs of the system due to geographical location, equipment selection and safety margins used in the design phase.