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Condenser Water Pumps - Traditional Solution

Application Description New standard | Energy Savings
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Traditional Solution
In traditional system designs, the condenser water pump circulates the water continuously through the system at full flow.  The temperature of the condenser water is controlled by the cooling tower fan cycling control, a two speed fan motor or by a cooling tower bypass valve.  The lower the return condenser water temperature to the chiller, the lower the energy consumption of the chiller will be, within the design limits of the chiller.

The condenser pump is usually oversized for a safety margin and to compensate for future scaling in the piping and chiller tubes.  The system is balanced with a manual throttling valve to prevent too high a flow rate.  If permitted, excess flow can erode the chillerís tubes, degrade system efficiency and increase maintenance expense.  By adding resistance to the system with a throttling (balancing) valve, the rate of flow is reduced to the design flow rate of the condenser.

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