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PID Controller

HVAC systems are designed to provide a comfortable environment regardless of outside conditions. To do this, each system typically must maintain a minimum pressure, flow, or temperature. This desired variable, or setpoint, needs to be maintained as conditions change. By maintaining the optimal setpoint, control is maximized as well as energy savings.

A PID (Proportional, Integral and Differential) control device can be used to balance out the difference between the sensor signal and the desired (programmed) value by instructing the attached drive to speed up or slow down accordingly.

The VLT 6000 HVAC has a very sophisticated PID controller integrated in to its software. The PID has been uniquely integrated with HVAC dedicated features and can be programmed in a user-friendly way. It is this which makes it uniquely distinct from other drives and making use of the built-in PID controller with dedicated HVAC features will, in many cases, make it possible to eliminate external controllers or outstations.

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