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Primary Pumping - Traditional Solution

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Traditional Solution
Flow from the primary pumps is traditionally adjusted by throttling or balancing valves on the discharge of the pump. The pumps are usually oversized due to the safety margin in the design and to accommodate future scaling in the pipework and chiller tubes. By creating pressure and flow loss in the pumping circuit with the throttling valve, the proper designed flow rate is established.

Another method to adjust primary pump flow is to trim the pump impeller. Once the system is operating, the actual pressure drop in the primary loop can be determined. The pumpís impeller is removed, trimmed to the proper diameter, balanced, and reinstalled in the pump. Decreasing the diameter of the impeller reduces both the capacity and pressure capability of the pump, as desired, but also has an impact on the pumpís efficiency. The change to the impeller, of course, is fixed and permanent.

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